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We support young adults living with profound and complex Learning Disabilities.  We offer accommodation where assessed and support to engage in life skills.  Our support begins with agreeing on a support plan that is unique to each individual and captures their individual requirements and desired personal outcomes. These may include;

  • Managing your home, tenancies and personal finances

  • Volunteering, Work and Education support

  • Engaging in social activities and learning new skills and new things

  • Building and maintaining relationships with family and friends

  • Communicating effectively, especially without words, and understanding behaviour

  • Shopping and cooking healthy meals - on a budget

  • And much more…



Our support services give you the chance to learn new skills, engage in your local community, gain a new-found independence and enjoy a wealth of interactive activities.


We personalise activities based on each young adult's assessed needs. Our services are not a 'One size fits all'.  We have an open-door policy where everyone is welcome.  The short courses we offer are accredited educational programmes specifically for those living with profound and complex difficulties.  These short courses are developed so that each individual can learn at their own pace.

Supporting people as individuals


We work with individuals to identify their interests and skills so that these can be matched to staff who can support them better.  We take different approaches when developing our services, depending on what works for each individual. 


Activities we offer include;

- Drama, dance, art, and music

- Educational short courses

- Exercise and sport

- Life skills

- Exciting places to go to (Day trips / short breaks or overnight)


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