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We provide assistance to a diverse range of people and cater for couples as well as those living alone. From those that are seeking companionship and assistance with housekeeping; to those that are physically disabled, Frail, Elderly, terminally ill and those that suffer from all other illnesses such as MS, Parkinson’s, dementia, Huntingdon’s, Cancer, Brain injury to name but a few.







Two carers may reside with the client in order to perform all duties listed above on a shift basis. This option is ideal for those clients that require constant supervision and assistance. The carers are able to stagger their shifts to ensure 24hr support throughout the day and the night.


For more information or to discuss your personal requirements please;

contact us  here  or

call  (+44) 01582 966259  or

email us at

Care Packages from;
Singles: £850 p/w
Couples: £1,300 p/w




Why is live-in carer so great? It is because care provision is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in your own home. You’ll have companionship and someone there to attend to your needs. This could be medication management, personal care, undertaking household chores, or preparing meals.  Live-in care at home provides a helping hand when it is needed the most. Your carer’s attention is focused solely on you, or your loved one. Our carers are experienced in providing professional home care support in your own home, making a real difference to the lives of those that need support.


If you have difficulty coping with managing your daily living tasks, live-in care allows you to continue living at home maintaining your independence and remaining close to your family, friends, and neighbours. If you have pets, unlike in residential homes, where you cannot bring your pets, remaining at home enables you to keep your pets.


All care packages are individualised to meet your needs and will remain in place for as long as the client needs the support. It could be for just a few days -a minimum 1 week (finding your feet after a hospital discharge) or for longer if needed.  Having a Live-in carer enables the client’s family to go on holiday with peace of mind knowing that their loved one is well looked after at home.  We will be more than willing to discuss any care package you have in mind; by way of example, there are certain situations we can provide assistance with;


  • Short (min 1 week)

  • Couple's care

  • Holiday companionship

  • Hospital discharge rehabilitation periods

  • 2 carer placements (for  complex)

  • Ongoing placements – 4 or more weeks at a time



We also guarantee to provide cover at all times. Therefore, in the event that your carer may be poorly or needs a break, we will always have a replacement before that carer leaves. 24hr Live-in Care may truly be tailored to specific needs and is flexible so that the care package may change as the needs of the Client change.


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