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Finding Support for Loved Ones

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

At GiantCare we understand that finding good quality care for your loved ones can be difficult and overwhelming. Finding the right care for your loved one shows that you care – but how do you ensure that you have found the right care provider and the right level of support? Or perhaps your loved one is wondering whether they need an assessment to receive care support? So how do you know if you need care? When you notice that the simplest of tasks such as getting out of bed or making breakfast are proving difficult for you, it could be worth getting a free care assessment.

How do I Find Support?

Our GiantCare care workers can help with a wide range of activities that often prove to be harder as people become older. Bathing, shopping and getting in and out of bed, for example, are all daily activities that can become difficult or impossible as one gets older.

Contact your local council’s adult social services department to find out which type of care you or your loved one may be entitled to, and any financial support that you may receive.

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