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All our staff are encouraged to continuously update their skills and will always embark on the Care Certificate as the minimum requirement.  


Additional training courses for more specialised needs is also provided where necessary, enabling us to provide quality care for everyone within our care.  All our staff have access to our training platform which can be accessed anytime from their devices and from anywhere. This enables them to train at their convenience and encourages self-development.





Core subjects include:


-Understanding the carer’s role                

-Hand hygiene

-Duty of care                                                   


-Moving & Handling                                         

-Risk Assessment

-Health and Safety                                          

-Stroke awareness

-Mental Capacity  

-Medication administration

-First Aid                                                          

-Person-centred care

-Personal Care                                                

-Death, dying and bereavement


- Information Governance

- Diabetes Awareness

-Managing Aggression & Violence

-Infection prevention and control                    

-Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards                 

-Awareness of mental health, learning disabilities 

  challenging and behaviours

-And many more...


-Palliative Care                                                

-Catheter management

-Dementia Awareness                                    

-Stoma management

-Protection from Abuse                                   

-Wound management

-Pressure Area Care                                                  

-Effective Communication

-Food & Hygiene                                             

-Nutrition and Diet               

-End of Life

-Equality and Diversity                                    

-Privacy and dignity

-Continence promotion                                    

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